Sea Kayaking

A kayak is a small narrow boat, powered by a double-bladed paddle.
The term is originated form the Eskimo-Aleut word ‘’qajaq’’, a language spoken in Greenland.
Kayaks (also referred to as canoes in the UK) were primarily used by the Aleut, Inuit, Yupik and possibly Ainu hunters in the sub-arctic regions of the world (Alaska, Canada, Iceland, the north of Scandinavia, Siberia & the Shetland Islands archipelago of Scotland).
They used the boats to hunt on inland lakes, rivers & coastal waters.
The first kayaks were constructed from animal skin stretched over a wooden skeleton frame. They are believed to be over 4,000 years old.
Sea kayaks are typically designed for travel by 1, 2 or even 3 paddlers on open water.
Sea-kayak sub-types include “sit in” kayaks which we use for our day and multi day trips, and open-deck “sit-on-top” kayaks which are recreational kayaks.
Explore Outside Water invites you to experience the scenic beauty of the famous Greek waters of Halkidiki.
Visit unique inaccessible beaches, on a thrilling sea kayaking ride at various parts of the peninsula, in distinct yet amazing variations!

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Best Seasons:May, June, July, August, September, October
Popular Location:Halkidiki

Trips and Journeys

    Sea Kayaking Journey in Halkidiki Peninsula

    8 Days

    This trip is ideal for those with little or no paddling experience, who are interested in learning the basics of sea kayaking while enjoying the magnificent landscape of Halkidiki and its breathtaking coastline. The journey is designed in such a way…

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      Sea Kayaking At Diaporos Island

      1 Day

      The clear blue sea, the golden seashore, the glorious sunlight of Greece and the small islands, just a paddle away! Our starting point is at one of the most beautiful beaches of the Halkidiki peninsula; the Karidi beach at the…

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        Sea Kayaking At Ammouliani Island


        We paddle around the island of Amouliani in order to explore its scenic beauty. Ammouliani is a small, yet astonishing island right across from the Mountain of Athos. Tradition is evident all throughout the island, with original folklore houses, trademark…

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          Kayak Holidays


          Kayaking is the most classic water sport and also the funniest way to explore with company! This is why we have high quality Sit-On-Top Kayaks which are ready for adventures!

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