Not a walk in the park.
But a rich & fulfilling experience that might get you tired, rewarding you however in the process.
It is this indescribable feeling of achievement, once you have stepped onto a mountainous top or have completed a demanding & lengthy trail.
It is the very pride that takes over once you have successfully come into conflict with land…
Team up with us, and let us take you through 4 power-driven Hiking trips, set amongst the most scenic Greek landscapes: Mount Olympus, Zagori & the Halkidiki peninsula.
We will make sure we serve you with the ‘’proper dose’’ of tiredness; so much as to trigger all those supreme feelings of pride, fulfillment, self-appreciation, deep satisfaction.
This is a sweat worth striving for…
Explore Outside invites you to stock up & come join us in order to witness for yourselves the most beautiful locations of Northern Greece in a way that you will just never forget!

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Best Seasons:April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
Popular Location:Mt. Olympus, Zagori, Halkidiki

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