Following the Ancient Pilgrim Paths of mount Olympus or moving from one village to the other following trails that have been there for centuries.

Join us, and let us take you through 4 power-driven Hiking journeys, set amongst the most scenic Greek landscapes: Mount Olympus, Zagori & the Halkidiki peninsula.

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Best Seasons:April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
Popular Location:Mt. Olympus, Zagori, Halkidiki

Hiking Tours

Hiking Journey Olympus

    Hiking journey at mount Olympus

    6 Days

    This Hiking Journey takes us to the home of the 12 gods of Ancient Greece! If you want to climb Mytikas, mount Olympus highest peak at 2.917m, then this is THE trip for you! This once in a lifetime adventure…

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    Hiking at Olympus

      Mount Olympus ”Treasure Hunt”


      Exploring the Enipeas Canyon at Mount Olympus! The teams will have to follow the map, search for hidden “treasures” while following a beautiful single track trail, crossing wooden bridges and waterfalls. The treasure hunt will be both fun and informative.…

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        Explore the retreat of wolfs and bears

        8 days

        Embark on an epic hiking adventure through the spine of mainland Greece. You will hike the rugged 16th century trails of merchants and craftsmen, through the Epirus mountain range and the amazing Zagorohoria National Park. A circular hiking route that…

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        Olympus peaks

          Hiking day trip at mount Olympus

          1 Day

          You will discover the home of Ancient Greek Gods and the amazing landscare of the mythical Greek mountain Olympus. Enipeas canyon is a demanding trail. You will cross 7 wooden bridges from the start of the trail to the outskirts…

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