Daily escapes to paradise!
Take advantage of our Boat Cruises and embark on 3 different sets of magnificent trips to small pieces of Heaven that you will simply never forget.
The Triton is a very stable & powerful boat that can take you sightseeing to our amazing surroundings; visit the famous Mount Athos monasteries from a distance and cruise around the Donkey islands and Amouliani in style!
Take the chance to visit the Sithonia peninsula and the most renowned beaches in northern Greece!
Don’t forget to include a fishing exploration with an expert; upon request you can go fishing at the Mt. Athos peninsula, a trigger-happy place for the entire family.
Sometimes you feel like you just need to drift a little further away, be your own captain & explore these magnificent waters and beaches in your own little time.
The peninsula is a heaven for exploration, welcoming drifters to its astonishing coasts.
Take charge and witness a genuine ‘’Greek Summer’’ experience by signing up for our rent-a-boat service.
What you will see will remain with you even after the journey ends!
Make sure you abide to all rules and regulations, because this is not a ride in the park!

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Best Seasons:May, June, July, August, September, October
Popular Location:Halkidiki

    Rent A Motorboat


    Explore Halkidiki’s crystal waters and remote beaches with a motorboat. We offer a wide range of motorboats ready for you to hire hourly or daily. A boat driving license is not required, if the boat has an outbound motor of…

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