Mt. Biking

Greece is not widely known as one of the classic European biking destinations, and yet the Greek landscape is an ideal landscape for cycling trips since it is dramatically dominated by mountains and sea.
Thr presence of impressive single tracks helps create the perfect Greek mountain bike experience.
The ancient donkey tracks and the cobbled roads in the picturesque villages will make the ride even more scenic!
Explore Outside Earth invites you to gear up & join us for a cycling ride through excitement & heritage at the Halkidiki peninsula, one of the most breath-taking locations on the planet!

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Best Seasons:April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
Popular Location:Halkidiki,Olympus

Mt. Biking Trips

    Bike Holidays


    If water activities are not your style, rent a Mt Bike and stay on the ground! From small transportations to mini adventures and explorations, a bike is the best way to explore the mainland of Halkidiki!

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