We are a small-sized business with a big heart for the outdoors.

We specialize in adventure and sports activities but also offer leisure experiences in the outdoors. We believe in sharing our knowledge & insights to create the most memorable & rewarding trips. We are also a local business, meaning that we can introduce you to the best-kept secrets of this little heaven named Greece. We have turned our passion for travel and our love of adventure into a business that offers unique itineraries, professional guiding, and top notch equipment. Moreover, we specialize in route designing for any type of activity.

It is this indescribable feeling of achievement, once you have stepped onto a mountainous top or have completed a demanding & lengthy trail.


Take advantage of our Boat Cruises and embark on 3 different sets of magnificent trips to small pieces of Heaven that you will simply never forget.


Greek landscape is an ideal landscape for cycling trips since it is dramatically dominated by mountains and sea.


You can follow our 10 hourly sessions course and we guarantee that you will be sailing on your own by the end of your holidays!


Visit unique inaccessible beaches, on a thrilling sea kayaking ride at various parts of the peninsula, in distinct yet amazing variations!


Explore, discover & create new memories in the astonishing surroundings of Greece, with a total body work out in the process!


With high quality coaching centered around your level of riding there is no better place to enjoy wake boarding.


We take upon the seas of Greece, at the astonishing waters of the famous Halkidiki peninsula, to embark on thrilling adventures!


Wind surfing is not difficult and we are confident that you can learn in no time. You will find windsurf with ExploreTheOutside fun and interesting!


Some of the companies that provide us with the best equipment around…


ExploreOutside is a Travel Company that brings adventure, sports and leisure experiences to life…”
Our Mission

Is to help you travel in Greece in a true and authentic way experiencing the outdoors through activities.


We give wise travel suggestions to you so as to combine your needs in a smooth and cost efficient way.

The Team

Professionals with knowledge and tips and the reason we can do so is because we love outdoor activities.

Think Local

We take seriously our commitment in the environments, communities and economies in which we operate.

Our Goal

Is to show you how to plan your holidays based on outdoor activities.

Our History

Started as an Adventure Travel Company, we now offer a variety of sports and leisure activities with the right dose of adventure.


We can introduce you to the best kept secrets of Greece! We are selecting the most astonishing natural surroundings, such as Halkidiki, Mt.Olympus & Zagori.

Innovative Adventure

We have the desire to do things ourselves. Adapting constantly to your needs.

Sea Kayaking, Boat Cruises, Stand Up Paddling (SUP), Motor Water Sports & Water Games to name a few. We are planning to get your feet wet, as we have created a cut-edge agenda packed with extraordinary activities that implicate the Element that defines us. We take upon the seas of Greece, at the astonishing waters of the famous Halkidiki peninsula, to embark on thrilling adventures that may test your limits, but will reward you; because, don’t forget, 60% of you is made of Water…

No matter whether you are into Hiking or Cycling, we invite you to follow us on epic trails of adventure, in order to Explore the wonders of the terrestrial world of Greece. Get ready to get your hands & feet dirty, as we will take you along the most magnificent earthly Greek landscapes that will allow you to come to peace with Mother Nature. Prepare for Hiking or Cycling routes upon glorious mountain tops, steep cliffs, dense forests, deep canyons, remote villages. Leave civilization behind and let your feet be your pilot of achievement.

We invite you to lose your suit & briefcase, to abandon corporate culture & to buckle up for an epic adventure journey with your colleagues like you’ve never seen them before. Explore, Seek and Prevail. Lead your team to success but be careful; out there, you may discover that your colleagues are not as you had thought them to be. Because Nature is the strictest Board Room…A huge variety of Team Building events is available, custom-tailored to your company’s unique needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for any other type of request!